Vital Information & Frequently Asked Questions

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Vital Information for walking Holidays


You will need to bring the following:

  • Walking boots with good tread and ankle support
  • Day Rucksack (25-30 litres)
  • Walking poles (if you have them and use them, but they are not essential)
  • Sun hat (optional, but desirable from May – November)
  • Sun Block
  • Reserve of warm clothing
  • Light waterproof jacket (just in case)
  • Light windproof anorak and trousers

Often it will be warm enough to walk in shorts, however, some of the local vegetation is short and spiky so you should be aware that shorts will provide little protection against this.


 First aid kits and communication links to the emergency services will be carried on all walks.


It is essential that you take out insurance that will be adequate to cover hiking to 1500 metres and mountain rescue with helicopter during your stay with us. Copies of your insurance policy information and cover details will be required prior to taking part in any guided activities with us. You should obtain an EHIC card which should be carried at all times.


We accept no liability for the death of, or personal injury, to any persons on their holidays, nor for any loss or damage resulting therefrom unless caused by the proven negligence of Casa Carrascal or its associates . We accept no responsibility for strikes, war, sickness, acts of God etc. over which we have no control.


British Citizens require a full UK passport to enter Spain, but no visa is required. Other nationalities should consult the Spanish Consulate.


A medical form (Word version) must be filled out for each member of the party either digitally or scanned in.


Is there an area to relax in the hotel?
Very much so - we have our lovely Lounge Area with a small library and a cozy log-burner for cooler nights and we also have our open air public terrace with settees and patio furniture - where we often serve our Spanish Paella on the last night. As well as books we also have board games including scrabble, backgammon, Trivial Pursuit etc.
I have an Allergy/Medical Condition - will I still be able to take part?
We ask all our guests to fill out a questionnaire before joining us at Casa Carrascal.  As long as we are made aware of any allergies/medical problems prior to your holiday we can accommodate the majority of cases.  If you are at all unsure, please contact us.  However, if you should have any concerns, please contact your doctor.
Are there Televisions in the Rooms?
No - we purposely avoided placing televisions in the rooms as we really wanted to reflect the enjoyment of nature and the last thing we wanted was the obtrusive noise of TV!
Do you have internet?
Yes - internet is available throughout Carrasascal
Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink?
Yes, its fine for brushing your teeth and taking tablets but we recommend drinking bottled water and so we provide 1 1/2 litres with your lunch. Additional water can be purchased at our Honesty Bar for 1 euro per 1` 1/2 litre bottle
How much money will I need to bring?
Hardly any! - at Carrascal virtually everything is included in the price even bottled water with all your meals and packed lunches and wine in the evenings. Free tea and coffee facilities are also provided. You will only need Euros for your free day and for the odd bar beverage.
Can I get a drink after hours?
Although there are a couple of bars in Parcent the village is fairly sleepy and we therefore operate an Honesty Bar within our Hotel Lounge. We ask that guests write a note of their drinks during their stay and pay at the end.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept card payments, however there is a local bank with an ATM just 2 minutes walk from the hotel
Do we need to bring towels?
Towels are provided and the rooms are cleaned daily. Beach towels are supplied for our trip to the beach.
Where Can I store Valuables?
A safe is available for guests