Walking with Hazel & Colin – Week Commencing 7th May 2011

This week only two guests were staying and walking with us – Hazel and Colin from Yorkshire.  They were great walking companions and although they did not have the opportunity to chat to lots of other walkers we seemed to do pretty well amongst the 4 of us, with Hazel and Colin entertaining us with some anecdotes of walks and times spent working in America – they were even polite enough to chuckle at some of my rubbishy jokes!

We started our walking on the El Somo Circuit

It’s a great walk with views of the Aixorta in the background

With some great flowers along the way – like this wild Sweet-Pea

After the first section it’s a quick banana break

Then onwards and upwards through the pine wood

Then down into the first of the 2 valleys with Bolulla Castle far left and the Bernia peeping out far right

As we travel down into the valley the sea views open up to the Bay of Altea

Scarlet Red Poppies line the way

As well as many other wonderful flowers

Of all colours and shapes

Including this perfect Yellow Bee Orchid

It has been a great walk on a lovely day.

On day 2 we walk from Casa Carrascal to Coll de Rates

Pasing Pyramidal Orchids on the way

Before ascending two Barrancos

Then it’s downhill all the way with spectacular views of Parcent and the distant coastline,

Day 3 is alittle cloudier – we are walking the Caballo Verde with the 2000 Steps

On the way up we admire some Rusty Foxgloves

It takes about 40 mins to reach the ridge, then we walk the full length before stopping for lunch.

It’s then off along the sweeping broad track

With great views of the valley and gorge

We start our descent into the gorge

The ancient trail weaves its way through the gorge

Then it’s the hard part going up – with a few stops for phoo opps

Ellie and Charlie watch with interest.

It has been a great walk of about 15k – Ellie (our new dog) has really found her mountain legs!

Our next walk is Smuggler’s Cove – it starts with a section a little like an English counrty lane

It’s then down into the Barranco

Hazel’s really getting the hang of this rock hopping!

We reach the blue waters of the cove – it is just amazing

And after a short break to watch the waves crash in

We start the ascent to the under-cliff

Ocassionaly glancing down to admire the views

Once on the level we walk under the cliff admiring the views out to sea

Until we reach the end of our walk

Our final walk of the week is the Bernia

We set off on a beautiful morning

Before starting the ascent Charlie has a bit of a splash in the font

Ellie has a more delicate approach!

Then it’s off up the mountain

Fortunately Hazel and Colin are very sure-footed as the climb has a couple of scrambles

There is just time for a short break (even I sit down sometimes!)

Before the final push

There is just time to admire the wonderful views

A quick photo opp at the tunnel

Then it’s through to the other side – here we see Colin doing the “shuffle”

Whilst Hazel employs the “crab” technique

Once through Hazel and Colin pose contentedly

Colin celebrates with a “Mammy” impression!

We admire the views

Then set off along the far side across the scree slopes

Through some amazing rock formations

Then we kick on to our lunch spot

The 16th Century castle

Then it’s on to Echo Valley

Quite spectacular!  – It has been a great week and we have thoroughly enjoyed the company of Hazel and Colin and hope we can do more walks with them in the future either here in Spain or on the Moors in Yorkshire!


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