Walking with Guests – W/C 28th May 2011

It was our last walking group of the season and we welcomed Jane, Margaret, Katie, Yvonne, Felicity, Angela, Glynis and Malcolm who was a little outnumbered by the ladies – lucky man! And what a nice group they were, a very relaxed bunch who really enjoyed their walking and kept us entertained in the mountains – and from the volume of laughter drifting in from the dinning room each night – themselves too!

We set off on our first walk the El Somo Circuit

Soon we were starting the first ascent

Stopping briefly for a photo opportunity in front of the Aixorta

Then it’s onward and upward

Into the first valley

Following the track down to Bollula Castle

Enjoying the great views on the way

From there we head along “Tankat”

Time for another group photo opp

We admire some Sawfly Orchids on our homeward journey

Then it’s back to the start-point dogs and all, with everyone looking please with their efforts

Especially Felicity!

Our second walk of the week is the most challenging – 15km and almost 1000m of ascent – they all look pretty fresh and relaxed now – let’s see how they look in 5 hours time!

Off we go, ascending the old Mozarabic trail

Stopping briefly for a water break

Then it’s climbing higher along the ridge

After a well earned lunch we walk along the broad track

With wonderful views of the gorge

Continuing along the track for about 4km

We then start our descent into the Barranca

Almost 1000 steps down

Then a section on the level

Meandering down to the dry river bed

Before starting the long pull up

The girls still have a spring in their step and a smile on their faces

And after about 1000 steps and 20 levels up we reach the top – to everyone’s relief!
It’s a great walk and everyone gains a huge amount of satisfaction in completing it – we all celebrate in the appropriate manner at the local bar!

Our 3rd walk is straight from the Casa

It’s the Coll de Rates via Barranca Negro with great views of Parcent

The happy band stop to pose before starting the upward climb!

The first ascent takes us to a level plain

Then it’s off along the broad track, then up to the Coll

The views from the top are amazing

Then after lunch we work our way down the Mozarabic trail

Back to the village of Parcent

Our 4th walk takes us to the coast

Where we rock-hop our way down the dry river bed

The girls displaying excellent balance

Katie (our deputy leader) is first to arrive

We sit a while and watch the boats go by

Then one last rock-hop (a big one!) for a group photo

Then we all set off up the under-cliff

Well nearly all of us – Felicity decides to catch some rays on the beach

The rest of us enjoy the views over the bay

We reach the cave and catch our breath

Then it’s the final scramble to the top

The views are fantastic

We then stride out along the coastal path

And catch one last photo before our return

The final walk took us to the Bernia range

We start the climb and follow the meandering single track

Then it’s a scramble

Or two!

We rest briefly before the final push to the Forrat

The tunnel that takes us through the mountain

That opens up to a large cavern

With wonderful views towards the Bay of Altea

Then we follow the track over the scree slopes

Over the dramatic rock formations

A brief break for a wave and photo

Then onward towards our lunch spot

After a bit of nourishment it’s homeward bound

Through the final valley and back to our start point.
It’s been a great week and we have thoroughly enjoyed showing Jane, Margaret, Katie, Yvonne, Felicity, Angela, Glynis and Malcolm the mountains – they have been fabulous company and great fun.

They also very kindly presented us with a wonderful bouquet – a great end to our walking season.


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